Dealer Heat Pump Notification Form

Dealer Instructions:

Within two (2) weeks of installation, submit this online Heat Pump Notification Form. Or, send a copy of your customer's invoice, making sure it includes the customer's name, address, installation date, your name, your company name, address and all equipment information as requested below. Mail to: KCP&L Billing Services, PO Box 418679, Kansas City, MO 64141-9697, or FAX to (816)654-1391.


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Customer Information:

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Dealer Information:

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Equipment Information:

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Old System:

*(Required, if not a new house)
A/C - Gas Furnace A/C - Elec Furnace Total Elec HP Dual Fuel HP - Gas Furnace
Gas Boiler Other:  (Radiant, Base Board, etc.)

New or Replacement System:

Dual Fuel HP Total Elec HP Geothermal HP HP added to Elec Furnace
Electric Boiler Other:  (Radiant, Base Board, etc.)

Heat Pump:

  Manufacturer Model Number Serial Number Size(Tons) SEER
*First Unit
Second Unit
Additional Unit
Additional Unit

Request For Rate Change:

I certify that an Electric Heat Pump system, or other permanently installed Electric Heat System, has been installed at the above Customer's residence, and that the Customer's electric rate should be changed to a qualifying Electric Heat Rate.
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