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Michelle Marshall, Lead Electrical Engineer

University of Missouri -Kansas City

"You can learn something from every experience - you have good and bad."

Tell me about your experience here at KCP&L. What has been your most memorable moment or event with the company?
KCP&L offered me an internship position for three years. I gained valuable experience that gave me a head start into the field of engineering. Iím grateful for the opportunity.

I have had a great experience with KCP&L throughout the past four years. I have been involved in numerous projects. My first three years, I worked as a Control Engineer, dealing with boiler controls at all four of KCP&Lís power plants. I am currently involved with power electrical work. My most memorable moment includes working on the addition of Iatan 2, the construction of KCP&Lís largest unit - an 850 MW supercritical pulverized coal fired plant.

What skills have you found to be most dominant with your career? And why?
The skills that I have found to be most dominant in my career consist of communication, analytical, as well as people skills. As an engineer you analyze data to determine the problem, communicate what the problem is and how you plan to solve it. People skills are very much needed in this field of work. You must be able to work with the union crafts as well as management employees. We work with technical people and you must be able to explain technical issues to nontechnical people. Teamwork is essential to problem solving, troubleshooting and running our power plants.

Have you had any special projects, served on a task force or received a promotion?
Prior to my position as a Lead Electrical Engineer, I was promoted to Senior Engineer. As for special projects, I was involved with a main transformer replacement at Hawthorn Power Plant.

I helped identify control issues that were causing coal mill problems at the Hawthorn Power Plant.

Most of the systems at the plants are computer based that run 24/7. This means that the computers and software must be continually upgraded. As better computers and new software releases come out, I assist in changing them out.

KCP&L believes in the importance in volunteerism as a tool for community improvements. List some of your volunteer activities.
I am currently a participant of the companyís Political Action Committee (PAC). KCP&L is constantly striving to give back to the community through volunteering. I engage in this by donating my time and skills at some of the community events.

Why did you choose this specific field?
I chose engineering because I am always interested in how things work. My job is challenging and requires a lot of hands on work. I enjoy the excitement that I get when I am working on a new project. Taking a project from concept to reality is very rewarding.

What advice would you give a college student that is considering employment with KCP&L?
Within KCP&L there are many opportunities that are suitable for just about anyone. The positions and experience that KCP&L offers vary, so I would advise the student to have an open mind and be willing to try new things.